Thursday, June 24, 2010

aqil at the age of nearly 13 months

aqil now:

walks lala around the more crawling (sometimes only)..he is so confident in walking..(kadang ibu yang menjerit sebab takut jatuh hehe)..and he loves it when we hold his hands and walk together with him..

can get on and get off our bed all by himself..with very skillful moves..hehe..go aqil!

loves to eat chicken soup masak lemak sayur and laksam (hopefully these food are okay for my baby)..

he is getting very manja..and kuat nangis (which really buat ibu sayu) this just some parts and parcels of him growing up..?huhu..

he is so friendly towards other babies or toddlers..those whom we meet at clinics or restaurants or anywhere actually!!..hihi..kadang2 orang yang takut sama aqil..he..good boy..

when we bentang sejadah for our prayers he'll come near us and do rukuk yang digabung dengan sujud (imagine how) and say 'abba abba..(his way of saying Allahuakbar i suppose)..besar2 nanti jangan tinggal solat ye sayang..

we can feel how he loves us more and more and how he needs us badly..each day..and aqil..we love you more than you can imagine sayang..

okay kenapakah gambar gedik ini has to be here?
oh ya..untuk menunjukkan ibu walaupun sedang working..tapi ibu am thinking about aqil..
thinking how i love you so much..
and i love aqil's ayah so much too.
i love you both..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

*holidays*'s been a while isn't it bloggy's time for school holidays..which i really love because i get to spend my time with my beloved little aqil (who is now a toddler and can do lots of cool and funny stuff!hihi)..i used to be amazed at my little cousins and my niece and nephew going gaga when seeing they do acts and things..and now i'm enjoying myself with my own child!!how cool is that hihi..

so..just to sum up what i've been doing for the past days..owh i'm gonna miss all this soonnnn!

a small birthday bash for aqil
he reached his toddlerhood on the first of june..owh just remembering the birth of him makes me wanna invited a few close friends and family members..and made my homemade moisty chocolaty cake for aqil's very first birthday!!

aqil sayang is helping ibu

aqil's birthday cake *comot tapi best*muahaha puji diri



burn baby burn!

*love you*

cloth diapering
i have alsobeen busy in doing some research on cloth diaper..been contacting moms who sell and are so into cloth diaping their babies..and i'd like to thank iva (thank you so much dik) and huda for being my mentors (directly or indirectly from their blogs and all)..i have learned so much within the past days and have actually added up the collection which would insyaAllah arrive by today wii!!!!and mak actually gave cloth diapers for aqil's birthday! i have learned a few things which are:
*before using you have to actually wash the CDs a few times and especially the inserts(they should be washed with hot water 2 to3 times to increase the absorbancy) - thank you iva!
*aqil is quite a heavywetter especially at night so i bought loopy doo inserts to wear during night time or when travelling
*on normal days i will change aqil's CD every four hours (have been asking around and that is the general duration for wearing the CDs..the first few times of using i'd experienced leaking (aqil actually) we're actually improving and i am totally enjoying myself!
*having to wash the CDs is no fuss for me because i feel sooo satisfied with myself contributing to a better environment and the best for my aqil!!
and after receiving aqil's diapers from fazilah (zizitots) i learnt so much more!she gave me a mini handbook on cloth diapers!thank you Zie!According to Zie:
*CDs sould not smell like anything.
*Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softerners or even pure soap!
*Do strip washing once a while for the CDs.

*the finally cloth diaped baby*

reading and more reading
yes.i try as much to make time for reading as it is crucial for me to upgrade my reading skills as i'm gonna be needing them soon for the next 2 to 3 years some parental magazines and a few books which i found quite interesting..
*thanks to aqil's napping i get to read and do this-blogging*

read, read and read!

watching TV
owh how can i not do this as it's one of my hobby!especially when it comes to watching my GLEE!hihi..and now i'm actually overwhelmed with a new series called PARENTHOOD..gosh..the drama is so heartwarming..and am enjoying myself watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and all the other comedy series which could at times lighten up my days! (besides aqil of course but he'd been having a fever for the last two days but now he's fine and dandy so i have my sunshine all to myself again!

cooking mak and ayuni are away since saturday and today is already thursday (which means they'll be back home by tomorrow!) i had to do the cooking for ayah, moktok and adik and of course my aqil. not so much of ambitiously cooked dishes..only the simple ones (with aqil coming to me everytime he hears a clank in the kitchen although i am near the stove where he could not actually see me..

yummy yum
eating can i be so "thin" if not for this habit of mine hehe..ayuni bought a few stuffs for the goodie bags for aqil's bday..we came upon a few coklat which i used to love when i was a kid..

coklat bola and coklat sekuk

spending time with my family especially aqil..
i'm so thankful to Allah for giving me my family and aqil as a part of me..aqil is not only a child of mine..whom i carry for app 9 month and which took me for almost an hour to push him out..alhamdulillah..but he is like a bestfriend to me..another half of times i could feel that he really connects to times when i cry he'll come and hug me and gave a peck on my face..when i cover my teary eyed face he'll pull my fingers and say 'cak'..huhu..i love you sayang..and have actually been training him on a few skills and Alhamdulillah he now can salam or amin with us..more skills to go!

walking side by side..

this holiday have actually been tangled up with lots of emotions..i actually received painful news and encountered several things in my life which made me cried over and over (by myself not in front of aqil especially no)..but as BREE from the DHs said..kind of in my own words lah because i could not really remember her exact words.'think of an empty box. put in whatever emotions or feelings that you have inside the box. close the box.and find a large empty wardrobe. put the box inside the wardrobe.and close it. and whenever you feel like going back to the matters of emotions, go and open the box back. all by yoursefl. handle it like a lady'.that's it.and like mak said..'kaklong, don't be too sad. yang kita boleh buat hanya berdoa pada Allah..and tawakal pada's gonna be alright. insyaAllah"..

so i guess that is life. things won't always go in our way. life itself consists of happiness, sadness, bitterness, sacrifices, and some times those who are lucky enough will get what they want and live a life that is so beautiful that you might want to be in their shoes. but for me, i'll live my life.up till the day i die. chewwah tetibe jiwang. hehe..well..all in all..i have another knight of shining armour..who shines more and more each day..*little aqil*

guess good things must come to an is fun. but i also miss school, my workload, my students and my friends. and when i'm finally back to work, i'll start to miss my family back home. i guess emotions and self wants will never end then..hehe..

happy working everyone..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

am head over heels for this guy!

i'm head over heels for this guy. am having the greatest crush ever on *you*

*sorry Encik suami. i love you.*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

aqil's sweet tiny suprise

1st of June
the date has been added into our momento of life to celebrate (thank you to Allah) the born of our little kid

~muhammad aqil~

my bubbly aqil

Mr. H and i actually planned to do a little gathering with our little family in jerantut
(my sisters+bffs~bib,hani,papee) and abah's family. but little aqil had a bad fever (Mr. H took a day off this time) and Alhamdulillah he is getting better since yesterday's evening. hopefully he is doing just fine at the nursery.

i did not sleep at all the night before yesterday (kept taking aqil's temperature and menjelung his body) so after coming back home from school and do a little bit of the house chores my husband forced me to sleep. and i did. and i was awakened by a beautiful+dropdead gorgeous fairy godmother of little aqil. taadaaaaaaa!

the fairy godmother came with a giant birthday card (the cutest!!!) and two pieces of creamy yummy bluberry cheese cake..yummy yummy yum!!err no picture of the cake..already being gobbled down by ...hihi..

we had a fun and great time..huhu..and when Mr. H went for his game and aqil took a short evening nap aqil's ibu and the fairy godmother chatted and chatted until we kind of went into more serious topics which revealed things (*winkwink*) of both of us and then we knew we need to stop before the nearest neighbour could hear us talking (which involved loud high pitch voices+laughters+squeaking haha..)

~happy ending~

to note: a few of the things that have kept me grounded+contented+happy while living far from my hometown (despite of no malls+cinemas+parks) are these lovable people around me.

am thankful for that. amin.