Thursday, July 28, 2011

a reflection

time flies so fast. we are already reaching August and my new semester is starting soon! oh boleh tak kalau nak kate malas huhu..i love my state of life now spending lots and lots of time with darling aqil and my ridzuan adeh..keep telling him how i wanted to take only classes on friday and thursday so that i can angkut aqil and him with me everytime i attend my classes huhu..

well, a lot had happened. am gaining more weight..aqil had an operation but now he is getting bigger and talks more and more (alhamdulillah) little sister is getting married to her childhood sweetheart (isk isk sedih) youngest brother is flying away this september(isk isk sedih lagi) third brother is coming home for raya (alhamdulillah yeay!)..and i would like to have another baby but shiver at the thought of ulang alik to kl alone with a big bump huhu..deep in my heart i really want another baby..well..let's just leave it to Allah then kan?after all Allah knows whats best for us..

i'm getting older too..and ramadhan will be here soon..hopefully  this year we will get more berkat and pahala and will be able to do more amalan and etc. i've set special goals for this ramadhan and hopefully i'll be able to complete them with Allah's will.

come to think  of it, throughout our lives, there are always goals and plans being made. but of course Allah yg tentukan semuanye..and seeing how certain things don't go the way we wanted or they did go well and in fact better than we expected them to be, it makes us to be amazed at how Allah work things out for us. amazed, but i sometimes am not living as a good muslim, practising whatever i should be. alhamdulillah solat 5 waktu yes checked but did i do good in the five acts of my everyday life up until now?the solat hajat, solat tahajud, solat dhuha,the increasing pages of al-quran recitation everytime, going to more ceramah agama etc..those are my goals but haven't yet been achieved.

reflection, reflection, reflection. up until now, i feel like i haven't really been a good wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend and most importantly sebagai hamba Allah. starting things anew for this ramadhan and for the months to come (don't wanna just be good during ramadhan but after the month ends jadi kureng balik nauzubillah)..Ya me please?will my goal for this one be achieved? well, it is up to Allah..and my usaha as well..amin..

Jika tiba bulan Ramadhan, maka dibuka pintu-pintu syurga dan ditutup pintu-pintu neraka dan dibelenggu semua syaitan (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim).

"bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang di dalamnya diturunkan Al Quran sebagai petunjuk bagi manusia dan penjelasan-penjelasan mengenai petunjuk itu dan pembeda (antara yang hak dan yang bathil). Karena itu, barangsiapa di antara kamu hadir (di negeri tempat tinggalnya) di bulan itu, m...aka hendaklah ia berpuasa pada bulan itu, dan barangsiapa sakit atau dalam perjalanan (lalu ia berbuka), maka (wajiblah baginya berpuasa), sebanyak hari yang ditinggalkannya itu, pada hari-hari yang lain. Allah menghendaki kemudahan bagimu, dan tidak menghendaki kesukaran bagimu. Dan hendaklah kamu mencukupkan bilangannya dan hendaklah kamu mengagungkan Allah atas petunjuk-Nya yang diberikan kepadamu, supaya kamu bersyukur" [2:185]

(copied and pasted from AMIR Japan)

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan everyone..