Sunday, February 23, 2014

just a post

been missing ammar badly..but mak and ayah said they will only send ammar once i'm really back on my feet again..aduh..

well, writing this entry does not signify that i am all up and about doing things. the sickness is really bad this time..been keeping all the strength as much as i can..whatever i eat will come out..isk..and now there's even another grumble inside my tummy. decided to write something to ease the 'loyaness' and keeping my mind set towards something else. huhu..tapi insyaAllah, ibu redha dengan ujian loya ni baby..;)

had a conversation with big brother aqil the other day..he was playing with his cars and blocks and came up to me saying..

aqil : ibu, bile adik nak keluar?
ibu  : lambat lagi..i'm a bit's quite difficult and hurtful in order to get a baby out of my tummy.
aqil : don't worry. it's easy mum.the doctor will cut your tummy like this (he began running his fingers across my tummy which made me got really scared huhu). then they baby will come out.
ibu : oh..ibu kalau boleh taknak potong perut yang..
aqil : bukan doctor akan potong ke ibu?
ibu : yah but like when i had you the doctor potong down there.
aqil : down where?
ibu : down there.
aqil : weird. (and he went away sambung main with his toys haha)

sekolah taknak pegi ini budak. cakap pandai adoilah. oh God. i need to go now.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

An Update

Alhamdulillah..we are already entering the second month of the year 2014. The effect of having little amount of entries makes this entry to be a long one hehe..missing my girls so much..managed to do a little bit of catching up and stuff when we had our get together last month but in reality I got caught up with my boys and spent not too much time talking to the girls huhu..anyway I am glad I went there..Alhamdulillah..

And..huhu..during the Chinese new year holiday, Aqil had to undergo an emergency operation.a visit to see the doctor became another check in and within two hours I was holding him tight bringing him into the OT..gosh the whole process was really hard for me. He was put to sleep and I went back to the changing room sobbing hard. Really hard. The post operation was another story. He refused to eat and even refused to take ubat tahan sakit. At 2 in the morning he was awake asking me 'what's wrong with me mum? I don't feel okay. There's something wrong with me.' Huhu but as we go through the sleepless night you seemed to get stronger each time and the next thing I know you were telling me that you are okay now and that I don't have to worry about you anymore. Ha yelah sangat when the next day we had to face another dreadful situation when your bandage had to be open again as you were bleeding and Allah knows what we had to go through afterwards. And you, young man, after the whole process, you just sit there, staring in front of you, with that cengkung eyes and badan yang seemed so thin and fragile, broke me into pieces inside. Allah, I thought I was being strong for you, but indeed, you were the one who kept me strong all the way. Love you baby.

And little Ammar..Allah..the one that never fails to leave us all in awe..ayah's greatest admirer you are..and atuk's sidekick hehe..this little one is not gonna be the little one anymore soon kan? Hehe..

Alhamdulillah, amidst all of these, Allah uji and also Allah kurniakan all of us with another addition to the welcome aboard my little bundle of joy. Mum hopes you are doing just fine inside mum's tummy..just like your brothers are may get remarks like..what happened to the terrifying experience and the oh no giving birth scares me to the max??

Well, I guess, Allah knows what's best for us, we have no right to question why or how,and we are and will be thankful for what Allah has planned for us insyaAllah. So here comes another roller coaster ride, and May Allah bless us all the way. Have a great weekend lovelies!