Sunday, February 23, 2014

just a post

been missing ammar badly..but mak and ayah said they will only send ammar once i'm really back on my feet again..aduh..

well, writing this entry does not signify that i am all up and about doing things. the sickness is really bad this time..been keeping all the strength as much as i can..whatever i eat will come out..isk..and now there's even another grumble inside my tummy. decided to write something to ease the 'loyaness' and keeping my mind set towards something else. huhu..tapi insyaAllah, ibu redha dengan ujian loya ni baby..;)

had a conversation with big brother aqil the other day..he was playing with his cars and blocks and came up to me saying..

aqil : ibu, bile adik nak keluar?
ibu  : lambat lagi..i'm a bit's quite difficult and hurtful in order to get a baby out of my tummy.
aqil : don't worry. it's easy mum.the doctor will cut your tummy like this (he began running his fingers across my tummy which made me got really scared huhu). then they baby will come out.
ibu : oh..ibu kalau boleh taknak potong perut yang..
aqil : bukan doctor akan potong ke ibu?
ibu : yah but like when i had you the doctor potong down there.
aqil : down where?
ibu : down there.
aqil : weird. (and he went away sambung main with his toys haha)

sekolah taknak pegi ini budak. cakap pandai adoilah. oh God. i need to go now.


budakbarublaja said...

kelakar denga cite wan aqil tanak pi school... bijak2... Be a good boy okay...

bibopp said...

he's sooo smart with words! may everybody be well and healthy and happy and loving and i love u a lot. stay strong and just remember that for every ujian yg Allah bg kpd kita, there's the sweetest thing waiting for us when it's over! subhanallah. tightest hugs

aqilnammar'smum said...

ummi habibah: you more sayang..

maklong: huhu..i might have to resort to homeschool him at the moment..wuwu..

Anis Syazwani said...

hi strong,ok..along dah tak ingat lagi password blog lama..along buat blog baru.. huhu love you adik..

aqilnammar'smum said...

my one and only you more!