Monday, October 8, 2012

10 facts

i just feel that there are so many things needed to be jotted down regarding my experience of having ammar this time around. enough about the delivery anyway. emm emm no more. maybe it is due to having the time to write with ammar being such a good baby during the day *winkwink* well then this time lets go through some facts on my post delivery.

after i was cleaned up and baby was all groomed (still in the labour room) a nurse came in bringing him putting him besides me and he looked and stared at me all the way;) he did not even move his head elsewhere;) tak tau why i had to write this one down *slappingbothballooningcheeksyesstillballooning*

i was out from the labour room at about 12 and could not sleep until it was three in the morning. luckily i had dear husband to listen to me mumbling things about what we went through and his 'bedtimestories' put me off to sleep. ;))

the next morning i was too scared to go to the toilet to even walk and do my business inside the loo. the nurses kept coming in wanting to make sure i would be going into the toilet and later i did and Alhamdulillah nothing happened heheh..tell me, who is not even afraid of going to the loo after a delivery?? wah horror!

went back home and began to notice how my whole body ached badly. i could not even lift up my hands way past my shoulder and whenever i was holding things my hands shook. bathing was hard but alhamdulillah both mak and dear husband were there to help.

when i had aqil, insisted that dear husband should sleep somewhere in another room on a comfortable bed as if he was to sleep in the same room with me he had to lie down on a piece of mattress plus duvet on the floor. he did sleep in another room after the first few days. this time around, he insisted on sleeping with me in the same room, got up every night even up until now every time ammar wakes up. he even holds ammar during ammar's nights of not wanting to sleep asking me to rest while he puts ammar to sleep. these amaze me so much as he is actually afraid of babies fragility that he did not do all that when we had aqil. and these make me miss him more when he is away during weekdays sobs.
well now, even mak does not need to sleep with us. we are that independent now hehe..kelakar pulak remembering the time when we had aqil, we all berkampung in the living room where each night a line up of people sleeping with me were mak, maktok and my mak kedah and my baby sis. haha..

on the day dear husband went to register ammar for his birth certificate, another supposed-to-be father was there with him. it was just that he lost both his wife and their first baby. he went to register their deaths. two people at the same place and time, one who celebrates joy and another had to surrender to sorrow, because of the same root of causes, but of different outcomes.

i had my urut and tunku session for 10 days straight and each of it was awesome! today i had my 20 days session and next would be my 40 days punye session. my tukang urut is sooo nicee and each session left me with fruitful and meaningful knowledge given by my tukang urut aka che na yg sgt jelita dan baik hati!;) sape yg tak berurut and bertungku after bersalin sgt rugi ye puan puan hehe..

my meal everyday (specifically for lunch) is of rice, ikan bakar and sup sayur or steamed sayur and plain water and lots of kurma. for breakfast and dinner or whenever i'm hungry i would have milk/ milo dunked with biskut kering yummmsssss! and berbarut perut some more!woohooo tp why tak kurus sgt lagi ek?heheh

started bathing ammar a week after i had him because tak cukup kakitgn hehe adeh and i always enjoy putting clothes onto babies wuwu! and luckily i enjoyed doing both. and now aqil pun nk ibu mandikan him and basuh his poop every time ayah is not around. heheh

despite all the horror of delivery, hardships, pains, sleepless nights, i just love being a mum. ;))

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

some things are just too beautiful, alhamdulillah

it has been 14 days since you were born dear ammar ;)

it also means me having constant 'wars' with your big brother's acts and tantrums mashaAllah for the past 14 days..with that..along the way..the joy and wonderful feelings of having both of you in our lives are beyond words..ibu and ayah are proud to have both of you in our lives no matter what..

well ammar, the journey of having you, bringing you into this world was not easy, but hey..we got you in the end..thank you sayang for being such an easy baby..does not ask much from's amazing how you sleep most of the time especially right after you were born, like as if you knew ibu needed rest from the tough labour sayang..thank you so much..just looking at you staring back at me takes all the pain away. i would not ask for more;)

Allah is so Great that he always Knows whats best for us..although i kept saying i'm too scared to have another baby, but hey..if Allah has destined you and abang aqil to have another sibling or two or more..what can i say..;) cause each of your birth story carries its own meaning to both of us, your ayah and ibu. all in one word, beautiful.

we love you and abang aqil so much. we may not be the best parents in the world, but we have our love and care to offer, despite our mistakes and errors in educating you and abang to be a good Muslim and human being overall.

well, more adventures and challenges in the days..months and years to come insyaAllah..