Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my dream vacation+honeymoon yang tertangguh entah sejak dari bile sampai ke bile..huhu..

uwaa....i really need a break..
i really want to be there..
isk isk..

fever time!

uwa..my throat feels like crazy..my running+blocked nose is killing me..my head is spinning like a wheel..isk isk..

i really need another day off..

what the heck am i doing in school..

i should have listened to the doctor..he said that i should be getting a 'two days' off..

why did i ever refused??


Sunday, July 20, 2008

the love of my life..

i never thought i would be marrying this man..

we had a relationship but he was always the serious one..

i never thought of settling down someday with him..being married to him and having a life that we are having right now..together..

and now..right at this juncture..after the marriage..it's like i am learning to love him..truly love him..for who he is..the 'he' that i never really got to know during our four years of being together..together in a sense that we rarely went out dating..never had lunch together at my college..never feel the need to expose our relationship to everybody..

but what had been written down was that he is the man sent to me by Allah..i never even thought that i would be calling him 'abang' which i actually intended to keep only for my future husband after a series of stressful+hurtful relationships..

i thank Allah for these..and i thank Allah for giving me the chance to feel the love of the man..meant for me..and to love him..for who he is..with no boundaries..the 'sweetness' of it..is here to stay..amin..

i love you abang..this one is dedicated to you..

Monday, July 14, 2008

a morning classroom...

i had an early class today..from 7.40 to 9.40..a 2 hours class with the naughtiest bunch of students in the school..but i love them..huhu..and teaching went smoothly..the first hour was about drilling them on grammar..the second hour was on language games..one of the games was the blackboard version of Wheel of Fortune..i gave them the Word Group to make it easier for them..it was near to 9.40 and we were ending up the game..

T: Okay the word group is fruits..(teacher drawing 10 blanks on the board; answer-kiwi fruit).

(Students; boys vs girls) shouting out madly alphabets and the answer-this is how it goes when dealing with my 4M students haha)..and suddenly, a student(who usually read sentences in english but his utterances sounded like french and all of the syllables going crazy+mixed up+tingtong) stood up and shouted loudly with great confidence;

S: Kiwi Kasut!

Other students including me came to a halt..we looked at him..and we..LAUGHED OUR HEART OUT!we laugh and laugh until the dicipline teacher came to see what was happening.he thought there was no teacher around..a bit malu but after i explained why he laughed too..hehe..because the KIWI KASUT student was his nephew..huhu..

ha..teaching is always interesting+crazybutfun when it comes to these group of people..teacher loves all of you..

i really miss this baby sister of mine..hopefully she'll be okay and will be having a great time during her tour..

i can't wait for you to get back here..

i miss the feeling of having a baby sister besides me..as in..physically besides me..isk isk..
*i love you*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

yesterday i went out with my 'daughter'..a friend for life..dunia dan akhirat insyaAllah..i have a few in my life..and i thank Allah for that..okay back to what i intended to jot down..hmm..my beloved husband had to attend a course in iab..so i was left all alone..on saturday morning i went all out..doing spring cleaning..all other related things..to cleaning i mean..huhu..and i was pleased with my own self aha aha..did my zohor prayers..and i grew really bored..really felt the time was creeping so slow..ingat nak pegi to adik's house aka ma daughter aka beep..tapi malas nak drive..so lepak tengok movie+tengok setiap channel+tengok cd+tengok gambar husband sebab rindu+tengok magazine+tengok tv balik..adoi..nak termuntah rasenye..ting tong aje..huhu..tibe malam terus rase takut..i have never been left alone at night..huhu..berdebar rasenye..tapi cuba kuatkan semangat and i made it yess!!hehe..besoknye tu pegi pasar..beli lauk untuk masak for my beloved mr. ridzuan..lepas balik rumah baru sedar ya Allah macam takde life aje..tengok tv lagi..
tengah mengelamun..my beloved adik messaged..i was like 'finally'..hehe..i miss her a bit actually..dekat tapi jauh..and i always worry about her..i don't know why..hehe..okay you know..what..macam pelik aje my writing ni..i started off with the above sentences..lepas tu the flow of the paragraph macam poyo aje..pastu ni baru back on track hehe..kalau my students dah lame kene 'bombard' dengan teacher yang agak laser ni haha..okay..so i went out with her..we chatted and ate..lepak2..and talked heart to heart actually..huhu..and i felt really happy..we then went to tf..the only shopping complex in jerantut hehe..then we went to the nursery..buying flowers..which my 'adik' said as a therapy..huhu..pastu we went to pick up my mr. ridzuan..wiiiii!! hehe..and the day ended well..i felt contented and happy with the way things go..huhu..you know what..i don't even know what i am writing about right now..

"entah mengarang apelah tu"..said mr. Sopi..
"entah ade bm ade bi" said my kakak maziah..

anyway..i'm having a great time at school..my sandwiches and pudding pun dah berjaya dihabiskan oleh these wonderful teachers..huhu..life is great when you think positively..and act positively..and..live the life that you have fully..appreciating every opportunity that you have..moving on..solving problems rather than crying upon them doing nothing..

"we don't just live to feel happy and have things going in the way we want them to be..but also to have all sorts of 'ujian' from Allah..to make us to be a better person.." (my beloved ayah, 2008).

hehe..i am signing off..love and peace for all...