Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the 'admission'

earlier tonight..
went to see the doctor again..
it was supposed to be an afternoon appointment..
but she had a delivery case..
so we went later which is tonight..
at the end..i was given 'the letter'..
i am to be admitted to the hospital early in the morning..
on the 1st of June if my baby is not coming out until the day itself..
the doctor said the induce thingy will not hurt that much as it is time for the baby to come out..
i'll only experience the same hurt like other mothers experiencing normal births..
but this time..i get to expect that the pain of contractions will come..
right this time..before 'd day'..the pain will be a suprise because i do not have the idea when it will 'attack' me..
but on the 1st of june..i will know that it is time..
huhu..talking about the pros and cons..
Ya Allah..permudahkanlah proses kelahiran anakku ini..
my dearests sweets..pary for me..
i love you all..

Monday, May 25, 2009

waiting for labor..

last night until today..there is this keeps going on and on in my tummy..huhu..tapi baby taknak kuar jugak..

i keep on reading the 'what to expect when you're expecting' book..the chapter on what to expect when you are finally near labor..i read the lines almost keep in mind that the 'labor journey' will not be the contractions will increase until my baby finally comes out..not forgetting the 'teran meneran' part..and the episiotomy where the 'gate' for the baby will be cut to make it easier for the baby to come out..ya Allah..that really is scary..huhu..and the placenta part..and the postpartum that i'll be going through after the baby finally comes out..huhu..takut..

and i miss my other half aka my soulmate aka my husband aka my best friend aka my protector...
i love you abang..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cupcake day..

i've put another post before putting the 'another day'..but where did it go??macam pengenalan kepada the starting of my blog entries..lame betul tak tulis ape2..huhu..disebabkan ingin mengisi mase lapang sambil menunggu hari..i decided to start blogging again..huhu..penin penin..makin lame akin lembab aje rase otak ni..tak ter catch up dengan all these technologies..huhu..

this afternoon..the usual pain on my abdomen came again..i call it as the 'contraction practise'..memang sakit sangat sampai tak boleh nak berjalan berdiri atau tunduk..when the pain reduced sekejap..i made these nigella's cupcakes untuk lupekan tentang kesakitan tu although the pain is there menyucuk nyucuk huhu..mak said kaklong ni dah tau sakit tak larat nak buat jugak..' ayah seperti biase 'pergi rehatlah..' i am just tired of sitting around doing nothing..itu yang gagahkan diri jugak..chewwah..nak ajar diri jadi kuatlah kononnye..the real pain nanti tak taulah dapat tahan ke tidak..huhu..back to my cupcakes..despite the fact that i have diabetes..i already ate three out of 12 of them..huhu..biar betul adlina..takpelah..berserah pada Allah..huhu..

anyway..there are a lot of recipes yang interesting untuk kite try out..yang we can alter according to our taste..huhu..and as for today..i made only 12 cupcakes or muffins and right now i am so tired..macam buat gulai kawah aje rase letih ni..huhu..wah..bile lah my baby nak keluar ni..huhu..

another day..

went for a register for the delivery of my baby this evening with ayah..(abang..i miss you..) huhu..met the doctor who will be in charged of my baby and i during labor..huhu..she's a pleasant person..seemed to understand how i am feeling huhu..

my baby..
2.87'll grow larger by next week..but don't grow too large okay sayang..huhu..
your head is going down..
your body is fully grown in ibu's 'tummy'..
you're so active that it really hurts inside when you do your thing..i don't's no more hiccups or coughing..but sometimes when you go like hard on one side of my tummy..i could feel your buttocks i think haha..
okay okay..ibu won't tell no more..i'll be reading you a new story after this'll be hearing a lot more than just my silly laughs..
i love you baby..

okay..those notes are for my darling baby..huhu..suddenly i seem to forget what i intended to write about for this entry..never mind..pregnant women kadang2 memang kucar kacir sikit pemikiran and even for the past few ayah kept telling me..(you'd notice that i've talked about my ayah a lot because since coming back home for the delivery ayah is the person who is with me most of the time..because ayah dah pencen..ayah cume pegi college when he has he's like my gurdian lah..huhu..) okay..back to what ayah has been telling me..

eii macam baru aje kaklong kecik2 ayah pimpin..
eii macam baru aje ayah nampak kaklong comel je pakai baju kurung cotton..tinggi ni aje..(gesturing his hand to show my height at about the height of his leg)..
now you're becoming a mother..
cepatnye mase kan kaklong..

yesterday he brought me out..'lame sgt kaklong terperuk kat rumah..jom keluar'..and then we stopped by a kedai called CPT jalan pekeliling..

today after meeting the doctor we stopped by a kopitiam and our conversation was moctly on how my childhood days were..and how i've grown..and how time moves so fast..

huhu..sebak pulak rase..