Thursday, February 21, 2013

my sunshine, my tranquility, my joy

the sunshine that never fails to keep me warm, the tranquility that  makes my heart feel at peace and the joy that helps me laugh and feel dandy through my gloomy days. Ayuni, Aizuddin and Aiman. you made, is making and will always be making your kaklong proud and feel loved. one thing that makes me feel as if i am very lucky is to have the three of you as my adik-adik. Allah i am so blessed;)

Ayuni Ayuni Ayuni. back when we were kids, we quarelled a lot. or specifically i used to find causes to have a fight with her a lot. i remembered having a certain dislike towards her when we were little. i do  not know why. its some sort of a sibling rivalry i must say. but as we grow up, we became closer closer. and now, we are inseparable. sgt2. i love her so so so much and she is my only sister so that's why heheh. she's very beautiful, has a heart of gold, always worry about not doing the right thing, is always passionate about what she does, sgt2 rajin, loves her students so much and just won a Best Teacher Award for the district level. i am very proud of you. and she's 5 months pregnant with my very first nephew. Alhamdulillah.

My kesayangan aka baby sis aka my best friend in the whole world, thank you for always being there for me. thank you for always thinking of me in everything that you do, thank you for being the best mama for aqil and ammar, and thank you for being you.

Aizuddin. Adik din, penerang hati kaklong, penyejuk hati kaklong. You, just being you, makes me feel what did we ever do to have such a wonderful human being with us for the past 25 years?thank you so much Allah. because this boy is gifted with so many things and yet he remained so humble. you are the smartest of us all. Mak was sick after she gave birth to you so Maktok had to take care of you. i could still remember a lot of people coming over for days to our house to visit mak. i guess that was Allah's ujian for us as later we have you, a knowledgeable, wise and handsome brother hehe. congratulations for your Masters graduation and congratulations for being able to further you studies in your PHD which means you are going to be away for a few more years hehe. i am so proud of you sayang.

So for you dear brother, thank you dik, for always being able to make kaklong rase tenang sgt after having to deal with problems and hardships on my part. thank you for never failing to give me advises along with all the hadith and examples on our Islamic views and whats not. thank you for always pouring out your never ending knowledge on every aspects of life.

Aiman the dashing drummer heheh. the tallest in the family and the most charming. you are the youngest. but if adik ibrahim was here, you will not be one.huhu. having a smashing look, you always get the attention from all the girls haishh menyampah kaklong haha. imagining how it would be like when insyaAllah you become a dentist one day. mak just told me that you had to sit for your paper just as you got off the plane after arriving in Cairo. well, you'll be able to pull this one off ey, being surprisingly brilliant as always hehe.

Adik man, thank you for always being there for me just like your abang din, thank you for making silly jokes whenever i needed one, and thank you for always trying hard to fulfill my needs. i cant wait to get a dental service from you one day ;) keep on being so cool and comforting. i am proud of you too.

in fact, i am proud of my three adik-adik. so proud that i decided to dedicate this entry to the three of you. i dont know about other people but the four of  us share this bond that makes us feel really connected to each other. when all of us get the chance to go back to our parents house during holidays, we could stay awake and talk to each other for hours (with ayuni and I forgetting that we have our husbands and children haha). my adik2 know me inside and out that they would know what i am thinking of most of the time. they will know what and how my reaction would be or what i would say. you lot, how can you even do that?hehe..thank you too for making abelong and abengoh feel so warm and touched by the way we make them feel as if they are not really outsiders but have been with us since years back.;)

adik ibrahim, although we never really met you except for looking at you all wrapped up in kain kapan and a small box, i miss you. praying one day that we can go back to Newcastle and visit your grave. insyaAllah.
thank you Allah for giving us each other. thank you mak and ayah for raising us up to be this close and lovey dovey towards each other, thank you adik2 for being the best sister and brothers in the world!

i love each and everyone of you so so so much. i love you. i love you. i love you.