Monday, April 19, 2010

mommy blogging monster is back!hee.. has been a while..the past few days has been..oh's undescribable if we can have that word huhu..especially the days of last week..huhu..when i think about it..i'd feel the shudder..of terror and wanting to cry was aqil's first admission to the children's ward at hospital jerantut..huhu..adeh..

it started as a fever when he has gotten from me on saturday..on sunday it didn't stop and his temperature increased during the night and in fact at 1.15 a.m we brought him to the ER as his temperature tak turun..dah jelung dah bagi medicine masih tak turun..i was afraid of the sawan thing (nauzubillah)..sampai ER terus nurse and MA suruh jirus badan..and the temperature terus turun..a little later we went back home..isnin pagi mula okay..tengahari to petang siap berpeluh lagi..but malam je terus naik dan naik..and at 4 o'clock his temperature was 40.2 and we jirus him and went straight to ER and the doctor came and do check ups and in a blurry mind (caused by no sleep and eating disorder) i walked to the ward and was seated by a bed and at that time i realised..Ya Allah..we are being admitted..a feeling of sadness..frustrations and scared was all over me..i was like..what have i done..why can't i take good care of my baby..what did i do wrong sampai my baby kene masuk ward..isk husband never left my side and in the darkness (as everyone else was still sleeping) he was consoling me hugging me telling me that everything was gonna be alright.,.and i didn't even put aqil down..he stayed in my arms..i was at the bottom of emotion..then i started to jelung whole body my clothes was soaked wet and my aqil was wearing only his was a moment which i could never forget..

but above all of that..i realised a few things from the admission..
*bile suhu naik sangat..jirus anak like mandikan macam tu slowly*
*never hesitate to go the doctor bile rase teruk sangat*
*don't ever wait tunggu je sampai anak sawan*
*not all doctors and nurses in government hospitals are cold (although i've encountered a few nurses yang memang buat diriku menangis)..the doctors were wonderful..and the makcik pencuci also baik sangat2*
*toilet hospital kerajaan walaupun scary tapi bersih sangat*
*i have a few people in my life yang sangat2 bestfriends aka sisters for life..makcik (nanny aqil)..and mak and abah and adik2..*
*my role as a mother to aqil requires me to be strong physically and mentally..which i would try from time to time to be stronger and stronger..well..i really can't help myself looking at my aqil crying out of pain bile nak cucuk jarum untuk masuk air ke..menangis sebab demam really touches my heart..adeh*
*i would not have the strenght to go through the thoughest moment ever if it weren't for my darling husband+family+bestfriends..*

thanks to mak, ayah and moktok for taking a two days leave from their work (ayah who is at his busiet and mak..) love and thanks to my baby sister for reminding me that i have to be strong and that everything's gonna be okay..thank you to my darling besties aka sisters for life for being with me all the way..thank you to mak abah and adik2 for having the three of us in your family..and thank you to abang..for believing in me..thank you for being with me..thak you for loving me..and thank you for being you..

*i love every single person in my life*

*thank you Allah for all of your blessings*

the first few hours of his fever time

he could still smile mase ni..
in the ward more of his smile and his playful nature..first day at the hospital

first day..baru boleh tidur atas bed..if not was in my arms all the time..

dah discharged and ibu and aqil dah di rumah wiii!!!

at this time..the real aqil was back in action!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blogging monsters woohoooo!

me and darling beep are now attached to that name..blogging monsters's some kind of a rush which i think landed on her first..and then me..

so actually..apart from the fact that i was actually influenced by her..i really feel that my english skills are deteriorating in a i chose blogging as an alternative..hehe..another reason why blogging became such an addictive is because i had my new baby days adik2 kept telling me "you need a new laptop" (as the previous one dah ting tong sgt2)..and there goes my money huhu..

but okay..i'm in love with it..and it actually made me more comfortable in surfing and blogging my way while at school (when i'm free of course)..huhu..i have this uneasy feeling and there's always a bit of guilt inside me whenever i use the school's computer to surf the internet..i feel that it doesn't really belong to me and i have no right to use it for personal purpose huhu..except for when it comes to school's paperwork..huhu..

*love love love*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

finding a nanny!'s quite hard to decide on who is the best person to be taking care of our aqil..i mean the best person is me..the mother is the most suitable person to take care of an infant..there'll be the never ending love, attention and support..imagine sending your child away to another person..whom you might not know how she'll treat your baby..a stranger..who was not the one carrying your baby for the whole nine months..pushing nearly an hour and passed out when the baby came out..adoi..

his playful nature

his sleeping position

i love him dearly

Monday, April 5, 2010


as a working mother, it is very tiring and stressful to maintain a totally clean and beautiful house with superb deco. i took the time during aqil's napping time in the afternoon (from 3 to 7 app) which he mostly sleeps like an hour or so or early in the morning at 5 to 6 as i get up to get ready for do all the tidying bit here and there..yesterday..i managed to clean up the living room while aqil was sleeping and while watching glee on star world at around 6 o'clock. i cleaned up until tertidur di atas sofa. and too note here that cleaning in my context is crawling around searching for his toys here and there and putting them into his toy bin..pushing the 'always moving couch' and the arranging the scattered cushion (which were very hard to maintain)..putting away unnecessary items on the dining table especially those which belong to my dearly beloved husband..adoi..everytime i nag nag nag he'd just say sorry sorry sorry sayang..adeh..penat..i was awakened by my husband asking me whether i've performed my asar prayers and said he was gonna go for his badminton session.

and..owh i was too excited that is why i wanted to make it as my blog entry..the condition of the whole living room which i managed to clean up lasted until this very morning!!i have no idea how that happened as my boys were 'lepaking' on the couch an d on the carpet as usual but still..the living room look fab (in it's own moderate way) huhu..i only needed to put aqil's toys into his bin back before going to sleep last night..which has been a while..the usual is that the whole room would be upside down (literally) after a few minutes or an hour after i cleaned it up..gosh..i'm so thankful for boys behaved well last night hihi..

the nearly 'untouchable' couch huhu..

my clear fluffy wuffy carpet.. can even see the floor shing under the soft lighting wii..and the before picture of would not want to see..huhu..

note : the small rug under the cabinet is lying nicely..which is like awesome because it never lasted longer than a minute looking like that with my aqil crawling around!!ermm..i guess he didn't crawl that much last night huhu..

*wonder what it'll be like when i get back home today..and i'm having an extra class so will be reaching home only when it is like 4.45 to 5 o'clock..i wouldn't put too much hope..huhu*

cooking fever..

okay..i've been invaded by a cooking fever! - there goes my so called diet which i promised to myself to not let it slip away huhu..well maybe it's not the time yet..but..i do eat less nowadays seriously..and the cooking fever is for me to cook special dishes for my darling doesn't hurt that much isn't it..huhu..

and yesterday..coming back from the nanny hunting for our aqil..i brought out all the ingredients and yes...spaghetti with meatballs on the husband got really excited and kept saying to our aqil "wah bestnye ibu masak special" show that it's been a while for me cooking everyday for the past weeks here it own spaghetti recipe..

the recipe is sooo simple..

tomatoe sauce - as much as you want depending on your taste buds and how many people you would want
                         to serve..
chopped garlic
chopped onions
oregano (powdered)
salt to taste
and you can add in dried basil leaves to if you want..

the recipe for the meatballs..

beef burger slices (you can use minced meat but there were some beef burger slices so i decided to go for that)
some daun ketumbar or daun sup or daun bawang
salt and pepper to taste
cheese (any type)

mix the beef slices with all the ingredients except the cheese
roll the mixture into a ball and put the cheese into the middle of the's like cheesy meatballs wii..

before serving..after you have fried the meatballs separately..add the fried balls into the spaghetti gravy..and pour onto your pasta which i chose spaghetti..of course..duh..yummy!!

and oh God..i had some chocolate cake leftovers from yesterday..


a few more inchies added to the already large waist..d***.

but don't you think the look of this piece is really tempting? *sigh*

i heart weekends!

Sunday - had nasi kerabu time with bestie hani..she made the sambal and air lada and tumis which were superb and i did the tiny bits..had a grrrreeeaaatttt lunch...

*i always love the fact that my home will always be attended by the ones i love*

And..when everybody has gone back home..including my sister..went back home..a rush of feeling..wanting to bake something came over me..and yess...i baked a moist chocolate cake old time favourite..the initial plan was to try out my kenwood food processor which my sister bought me when she was in the uk..and me..being the traditional me when it comes to baking (i like to hand stir all the ingredients when baking a cake or cookies..i love the theme of 'handmade' when it comes to this hihi)..and the butter and sugar only lasted for less than 10 minutes in the food processor..i took them out and hand stirred them..(my husband actually helped me and stirred until the butter and sugar became fluffy whit wiii-what good are the strong muscular hands if they are not for helping the wives..hihi..)..baked the cake in the oven and ta da......

it was doubled layered (with melted cadbury choc added with milk (or you can use cream but unfortunately we don't have cream in stores here) and topped with the same melted chocolate and some flaked almonds hihi..brought it to school the next day and it was a hit..wiii....

*my husband loved it so much that he was like 'banyak ke nak bawak pegi sekolah?untuk abang kat rumah tinggal banyak mane? hihi..and i smiled at the fact that before this..he does not really like cakes..hihi..