Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friends for life..

i have always realized that i love my friends very much. i am lucky enough to have all of my best friends with me..they are the most beautiful group of people in the world. one thing that is important is that, no matter how major my life has matter how i have moved from being their best friend to now best friend+wife matter how chaotic my life has been handling the love for them will never fade..across possibilities and responsibilities..whenever that they need me i want to be there for them..whether it's about meeting eye to eye or a simple message..

i know the 'tagline' would always be 'takkan..satu hari nanti semuanya akan berubah..that's the cycle of life..takkan sama dah'..but guys..i will always try my best to minimize the possibility of those lines above..Allah knows how much i treasure you my life..

i love you.

Monday, June 9, 2008


so is Adlina...huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

my life..

my one and only sister.. the loveliest of all..huhu..

my shining armor..hehe..

the middle one is the youngest..our baby brother..
who treats me as if i'm his younger sister..huhu..
i love you adik..

my love..

enough packaging!

hehe..looking at the pictures that i have gotten from our course facilitator made me wonder..what is the purpose of having multi layers of plactic wrapped around certain products which could sometimes made me feel sick of having to go through great difficulties until i could finally get to hold the 'present' after 2 to 3 minutes of struggling..huhu..and there may be a possibility where you will receive a large gigantic box but what's inside is only a tiny little thingy...huhu..i may be overly reacting but hey..that is a reality..!below i have posted a picture which would show you how right i was..

a thing called love

it feels so right to have the chance to hold the hands of the man you truly love..and what's most important was that you and him had nothing to lose..huhu..i love you..

Intel Teach..

huhu..people have been blogging long before i seems funny but it's a reality..i'm not really into technology because i do not think that i have much knowledge of this scifi thingy..huhu..but anyway..i am now writing a blog and actually it feels have the opportunity to write something down and share my thoughts and point of views with others..huhu..anyway..i'm enjoying the course as much as i can..and i miss my husband so much..huhu..