Monday, September 26, 2011

*a dedication to my baby bro*

haha mesti aiman marah dapat title *babybro*..adeh..we are missing you so much adik..Allah knows how much..;)

so for this entry i would like to dedicate it especially to you..

i could still recall the day when you were was in the month of june and i was in my standard 4..we used to go to school with this arwah makcik mah yg mak ayah bayar to send and pick us up from school who lives near our on the way back we actually went to the hospital to pick you and mak as at that juncture of time ayah was away for a meeting in kuala lumpur..i could remember mak being in pain for quite some time and the delivery was quite hard for her but hey..she got you in the end so it was worth the pain;)

when we went back home your abg din (who was 5 years old at that time and sgt manja) was there with his masam the moment we took his bakul pakaian to put his clothes away and put yours in (the new baby in the house ahahaha)  he ran to makcik ani's house and cried his heart out adeh sedih pulak ingat balik..he felt left out i guess lagi2 ayah pun was away so he had no one to turn to and be hugged and soothed;)

so after one or two days mcm tu and when ayah was still away and he was getting back home from his meeting we got a call from ayah saying that he had gotten the opportunity to go further his studies abroad..i was quite small (ceh perasan nampak sgt tak matang) so i don't really get too excited but i could feel the small adrenaline as i get to travel far and be on an aeroplane for the very first time in my life ;) with that ayah came back and we named you aiman which means yang bertuah..and you seemed to be very lucky as when people started coming to our house a few days before we flew off to england (there were lots of them) people tend to give you money (which is kelantan people punye custom whenever we visit babies if tak bagi hadiah mesti bagi duit) and your money was so very the many!how cool is that kan..mmg bertuah adik kaklong sorg ni..hehe..alhamdulillah..kene dgn nama yg mak ayah pilih..

so off we went to newcastle upon tyne which was berbelas hours punye journey..we took a plane to heathrow and later we got onto a smaller plane off to was very tiring and we suffered great jet lag but things over there were breathtakingly beautiful although it was a bit was autumn when we adik mea,you may not remember much what we did and where we went while we were there but there was one moment which i remembered the most as it was a really sad and difficult time for was when adik ibrahim died in mak's tummy just as he was gonna meet mak and ayah had to be in the hospital as mak had to deliver arwah adik ibrahim just as if he was going to be born like the kakngah, adik din, you and me had to stay at makcik hendon's house just in front of ours at that time..and that night you cried like crazy everybody including makcik hendon's family and other malaysian families yg berdekatan who came to stay at makcik hendon's house to be with us got really worried and we tried everything to make you stop..sampailah i can't remember which makcik who asked us to wrap you up with kain sarung batik mak..and you stopped crying and later ayah came back telling us everything was alright with tears in his eyes..i remember i cried hard that time thinking how we missed mak and that we had lost adik ibrahim..but i know he'll be waiting for mak and ayah later so we got on and he is missed every now and then;) you were such a cute little baby when we were living in england as you would have this pink chubby cheek..sgt comel..and mmglah if  we are living in the UK our skin akan jadi sgt cantik wuwu..

so a few years have passed and you've grown up to be a cute little boy and i could still remember your kindergarten years..we had only one car at that moment and mak didn't have her driving licence yet so every morning (okay rase nak nangis) mak would carry you on the back of her bicycle (yg ade raga kat depan) up to the main road, and then ride a bus and drop you off kat kindergarten tu..huhu..nilai kasih sayang seorang mak kan..and yet we still make her sad at times wuwu..

so time moved fast and one moment you're in your prefect outfit having a blast during your primary school years and one moment you're all chubby and then got thinner when you were in sic and one moment you were independently living your life in mrsm got thinner and taller..and further away from now..adeh *sobsob*

well adik mea, it has been great and will always be great to watch what you do and encounters that you come upon while living your life. you made great friends who are so close to you (and that you guys make an awesome band!) that they sanggup hantar you at the airport when you were flying off at three in the morning with their smiling face, warm hugs and loving pats of the back when they were saying their last goodbyes..i could still remember me hugging you tightly and hearing you say 'jgn mcm ni long jgn mcm ni long i'm trying my best ni long not to cry' was hard for me to say goodbye because i really feel that you are not old enough to go venture yourself to the outside world full of strangers and to a place you've never been before..will you adapt well will you have good friends will you eat well will you be strong enough to face any hardships which would come in your way?it breaks my heart to recently heard that your abang din actually faced quite difficulties when tsunami hit breaks my heart to face the fact that my two younger baby brothers are far away and that when you needed us we could not be there physically with you;( *sobsoblagi*..)

well, if i could, i'd like to have all my adik2 to be near me which is impossible lah kan..dah rezeki adik2 kaklong yang ditetapkan oleh Allah and itulah yang terbaik utk adik mea sendiri..i am missing you so much that i tend to regret for not spending more time with you..i love you so much..i hope you'll be just fine there protected by Allah..i hope you will remember all of our pesanan and yes insyaAllah i will upload the 'video' for you soon;)..

adik, take care, ingat Allah, jgn tinggal solat..keep us posted okay?i love you.

lots of love;
your one and only kaklong.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

*second baby tralala*

this entry is inspired by iva's blog entitled third baby something something (could not remember the post when writing this). i've got quite a number of questions in relations to my second baby..well the answer is i am dying to have one. i would like to have another baby so much that it hurts a bit to see other people holding babies snuggling warmly in their arms. i miss the days when i could feel the little one kicking inside of me, the look and attention i'd get from others just because i'm having this huge tummy..i'd like to have another child blessed by Allah, for us to nurture him or her to be a good muslim, a good child and with charateristics that we could be proud of.senang kate sejuk perut ibu mengandung. we are still having great and fabulous adventure of being the best parent we could be for our darling aqil whom we love so much Allah knows how much that it brings tears to my eyes when i think of how much i love him. in fact both suami tersayang and i had shed quite bucket full of tears for aqil just because we love him so much (tetibe pening dgn the phrase so much). in seeing, helping and nurturing aqil to be his true self and practising whats best for him for now in this world and in the hereafter, we stumble and fall and fail few times and we regreted for the mistakes we did, are doing and will be doing but hey..we are human beings and whatever happens no other love can put away our love for our son aqil. except for Allah yang sememangnya maha menyayangi..

having a second baby would be a true blessing as you can never exchange the feelings and happiness of being a parent with anything in this world..having another small cuddly human being calling you 'mom' 'ibu' and sometimes 'yang' 'sayang' (when copying the father calling the mother by the name) is something that soothes your'll feel as if you had your dreams coming true and etc..having them hugging and kissing you with no reason ( i do get that nowadays more than from en suami which i joke to him a lot on that matter and he admits he gets the same from aqil (more) too hahaha i love you sayang)..having the little one come running to you just because kene marah by any of us (marah2 sayang) or most of the time when i marah2 aqil would come clinging at me adeh cair hati ibu sister would always marah and menyampah saying 'la tadi marah lepas tu hug2 kiss2 pulak kaklong kaklong' hehe..wait till you yourself be a mom yang'..

up until now i am still not proud of my parenting skills cause i know  i have flaws and there are soo many young parents out there who seem to be doing very well with their parenting job that brings me to a question whether if i am given the chance to have another baby does that make me to a better parent along the way?huhu..can i be better for both aqil and the new little one?will i be able to complete my semesters if i'm blessed with another baby? how are we gonna cope with the new baby my studies aqil and the fact that i either had to leave the baby to mak or abang alone with aqil tagging along?will i have enough money time and love and affection to be divided on all of my priorities?will i face more pains and strecthes and stiches when delivering? will i can i??

more questions. questions. and questions. yes that is me. a human being trying to be a better muslim, wifey, mother and daughter, sister and friend. always with questions and excuses. always. neglecting the fact that it is Allah who knows what is best for us. neglecting the fact that every child comes with rezeki from Allah. neglecting the fact that every problem had a solution. neglecting the fact that avery hardships faced will teach you to be a better person inside and out. neglecting the fact that everything would eventually be alright as you have your loved ones with you. neglecting the fact that when you are in an uphill battle and you are facing the toughest times of your life, you have Allah to turn to, helping to ease your worries and sorrows.

well, to sum up, insyaAllah we are ready for a second baby. if Allah blesses us with one, Alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah. and if we are not, maybe Allah has a better plan for us. and each day goes by, i'm ready to 'upgrade' or do things here and there in becoming a better muslim. thank you Allah kerana telah menggerakkan hati hamba Mu ini sedikit demi sedikit..semoga Allah menguatkan hati ini untuk terus mengekalkan ape yang terbaik dan diredhaiMu ya Allah..;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

*it's been a while again ey?*

asal nak start writing mesti terfikir ayat it's been a while sebab mmg dah lame tak menulis huhu..hello there..mmg lah it's been a while for me..nothing has changed no second baby yet (although i am dying to have one wuwu) more semesters to go belum habis lagi buat masters all of that except for the fact that i'm getting fatter and i am starting to get really fed up of myself meaning that something needs to be done fast especially when your sister's wedding is getting near..bile dah ade wedding ramai yg berkumpul letih nak menjawab soalan sambil terase sorg2 bile orang cakap what happen to you kenape gemuk sangat kenape jadi mcm ni lalalalala.

little aqil (whom i'm gonna have to stop calling him little aqil as he's getting bigger and bigger so fast!) is getting smarter and more independent..i did not foresee that he would grow up into a loving, compassionate and caring person (except for the fact that his toys are his toys and other people's toys are also his toys)..huhu he does not know how to share and am really trying to teach him slowly on that huhu..setiap kali other kids are crying because of little aqil i would feel guilty for not training my little one on giving and sharing blergh. anyway on the good side he's also getting really independent knowing what to do by himself..huhu..but his kemanjaan makin menjadi2 walaupun independent at the same time..of all those things, i love you sayang *hugs and kisses*. and i love you more as now you are slowly replacing 'Mum' to 'Ibu'..hehe..that means a lot much as i love the word 'Mum', 'Ibu' has been my dream word since forever bebeh hehe.

september equals to joyful and blissful raya, get together, reunions and all the sweet little things which bring great meanings to my life. however, september is also when my adik man would be flying away and away and my adik din also had gone back to tokyo and am missing him so much already. and september also means there are two months plus2 before ayuni's wedding and things are gonna be hectic because there are a lot of things to do as we decided to do most of the things by ourselves huhahuha..perasan kreatif tapi kami sgt excited!okay tapi rasa sedih sikit isk isk. and my new semester is starting tomorrow adeh sgt on friday before going back home i decided to indulge myself doing things i love going lalalaing at ikea buying things for aqil and hunting for aqil's carseat jugak nak kene tukar baru susah betul nak jumpe yg berkenan yes ikeaing without aqil does mean i'm free from running around and it'll be quiet without aqil shrieking and crying his heart out but it'll be no fun..tapi nak pegi juga huhu.

again i really am thankful for all that i have but i am still praying and hoping that Allah will bless our lives with all the things in life..dreams are too many but hopefully Allah will grant one of our dreams whether it is sooner or or never..if it is a 'never' maybe Allah has planned something dreams will always be inside of's never wrong to keep those dreams ey?;)

my bubbly aqil

my life