Monday, May 9, 2011

*he's back*

finally, after four days being away from us, my sayang has come back home.

i never thought i would miss you so much

our little bundle of joy misses you heaps too;)

thank you for the small act of love that you brought home. i love you*_*'

Sunday, May 1, 2011

*cooking for my boys*

truth be told, my husband and i were quite sad mushy mosh, not being able to go back to our hometown due to certain setbacks. ;) with that, i tried doing things (which my husband tend to be like ya Allah apa dia sayang ni) miu miu and finally yesterday i decided to cook him and little aqil of course a special meal for dinner. oh diri ini sgt bangga dgn diri sendiri sebab dapat buat suami and anak kenyang and selepas beberape kali bertanya sedap tak abang sedap tak abang dan suami yg mula meluat jawab sedap sedap (added with the fact that he's actually hungry) begitu juga dgn aqil yg cakap sedap sedap mom diri ini sungguh bahagia.;)

chicken chopppp with black pepper saucey yummy! i took and adapted the recipe from my resipi website.

my husbandku kechentaan ku punye dish..the side dishes are baked beans, fries and homemade coleslaw.

this is mine without the black pepper sauce with homemade potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and fries.

the recipe was very easy peasy to make..will share it later if anyone requested. sekarang sgt mengantuk sudah. today had a small get together with my family in jerantut whom i love so much. tapi lupe nak tangkap gambar wuwu.


*i heart weekends*

my sunshine - waking up at 7 - saturday morning 

this is the face i would wake up to every morning. 

with this gift from Allah, and the chance to open up my eyes, smelling the refreshing morning air and be with my loved ones.

who will not love weekends?