Sunday, January 20, 2013

a new year

haishh. i must admit. it is so hard nowadays to find time sitting down and writing and do other things in front of the computer. wondering how it will be like once the semester starts with my analysis of data and etc and one more subject to go T T. my life nowadays is so Ammar and Aqil oriented and the rest of my time is for doing and completing the household chores+'managing' dear husband+workload and a little of 'me' time. yes. me time. only a little time for that. everyday my life starts at 5 and ends at about 1. it starts with me making breakfast for dear husband and a packed lunch fo me and later at night when both kids are sleeping i would have the opportunity to sapu2 and kemas2 the house. sweeping the floor is a must now as my hair is berguguran is so many!yikes!rezeki ibu bersalin nak buat macam mana.

and Alhamdulillah Ammar is such a good baby, sleeping as early as 9 or not more than 11 and will only wakes up at 5. like today he wakes up at 6. yess he sleeps a lot especially when it is cold brrrrr!!!kept telling dear husband 'look even our baby likes it cold and i'm sure he will love living abroad!!!hahah heh..anyway baby Ammar is getting chubbier by the day and i so not want him to be obese or anything huhu..abang Aqil on the other side is getting thinner as he now does not really drink his milk that much. he is off the bottle and uses his sippy cup. sent him to school but it only lasted for two days. when his wan were walking him to school one morning, he stopped her and said 'wan, aqil rase taknak pegi school sebab ibu cakap school tak best' hah. takpelah so we decided not to send him to school. so now my time is also occupied with teaching him using the Read Easy and Iqra' books.trying to be a superibu but have a few times been blown off with phrases like 'ibu, ibu tak payahlah jadi teacher, ibu jadi ibu jelah'. adoyai haha. apart from that he is now so diaper free. only wears them when he sleeps at night and tu pun kadang2 he doesn't want to wear any so i put the diapers on when he sleeps. will try not putting any on dah because he does not pee at all s i already ask him to pee before he goes to bed. and he is also sleeping in his own bedroom now. getting him to use the toilet to washing and cleaning up afterwards and making him to sleep in his own room is alhamdulillah an easy journey i must say. it was not that difficult.

having two kids, i learned and am learning so many things. seeing the living room full Ammar's soft toys and not to mention Aqil's toys, i blink my eyes a few times and open them and what i see are additional items which add up to the room, making it to be more berseri and all (nak sedapkan hati). hehe..whatever mainan there is scattered around i can always ask Aqil to clean them up and put them back in his room and alhamdulillah training him to kemas whatever it is and training him to make full use of his room is going smoothly. any spills or whatever there is done by Aqil and later baby Ammar can always be wiped away easily. no matter how fatigue and exhausted and famished i am i will cook for dear husband and aqil, knowing that there  will be something for me from Allah insyaAllah. reducing the amount of eating out for the good of everyone;)) all of the other household jobs and workload and assignments i am considering them as additional workout for my body, mind and soul insyaAllah. and insyaAllah this next semester will be my final one. i am done with presenting my paper at a colloquium and the paper even got published in an international journal alhamdulillah syukur sgt. semoga Allah mempermudahkan segalanya nanti for this semester. Amin.

most important, trying and training myself to be a better Muslim, wife, daughter and mother to those whom i love so so much. making mistakes and slipping out of my main concerns may happen once awhile but getting on the track right away is what's important. a few days in the year of 2013, dear husband and i began talking about our future plans and from long ago we knew that we had totally different plans for each other. only now we are facing the reality seriously as i am completing my masters soon. the plan should start right after that InsyaAllah. now we are in the process of adapting and giving and taking in towards each other as we are planning for the better of us all especially the kids. so hopefully we can come up with a solution and future plan that will make both of us happy and paling penting yang menentukan is Allah s.w.t.

so am ending this entry with a few pictures of whats going on with the kids in the house. may Allah bless us all. Amin.

baby Ammar sleeping

aqil lost in his own world. his bedroom still under construction heheh

the kitchen cabinet has not yet done but these are the things that made my day each time i walk into the 'unfinished' kitchen heheh

so nerve wrecking and i will not want to do this ever again


rose said...

naaaaa...really miss u+kids...teringat lak kenangan gi umah na ptg2 sesuka hati bila2 nk gi...hehe smpai kena suruh balik bru nak balik...
naa mesti super busy ngan 2bdk comel tu kan...i pray evertyhing goes smooth bila na dh start semester last ni..:)
love u na....:')

PSS SMK Jerantut said...

pi.....!i miss you so so so much!setiap kali nampak gen 2 dkt simpang your old house teringat sgt huhu..i always love having you around okay sgt2!busy lah jugak hehe..hoho i need all the luck in the world to survive this insyaAllah the final semester finally!!!! you more!

budakbarublaja said...

makcik juo ni lum sempat lagi nak check on baby ammar...masa terbang begitu cepat...i pon tgh considering nak hantar aisyah to pasti next year plus taekwondo class in shaa allah,agak nerves bila talk about hantar budak2 ni pi school coz im not ready yet to let them go...huhuhu