Wednesday, August 21, 2013

aidilfitri 2013 or an update shall i say? ;)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

there is always the phrase 'it has been a while' going through my mind everytime i am tapping on this thin black keyboard. alhamdulillah, we are surfing through the month of syawal healthily, happily and hopefully blessed all the way by Allah s.w.t.

our raya this year was celebrated and is celebrated modestly. not so much of an overflowing of raya cookies, no baju raya for me at all, only for the kids and my one and only love of my life. or in other words, my baju raya tak siap and that is okay as it does not really matter that much. i thought the kurungs i had were pretty much considerable to be labelled as baju raya.;)

our ramadhan went so quickly, with prayers that Allah menurunkan rahmat and keredaanNya to all of us. and it was a quite special month too as we had an addition to our family, little Harieth. seriously, i am gonna start an entry on his birth soon, dedicated to my dear baby sis and abe ngoh. it was indeed an emotional journey for all of us in the family, but in the end, we can only seek for His keredhaan and be thankful for whatever that has happened. insyaAllah.

funny but i think somewhat it is true. me writing an entry is actually like wanting to let my beloved best friends know how we are doing right now and the things that are going on in our lives at this juncture of time. it is like really hard and difficult for us to get together talking and babbling on the latest updates of our lives. we promised each other when we were in UTM on how we will not lose the friendship and sisterhood we had. never insyaAllah. the raya gathering we had at aifa's house with bib was a joyful one, despite there were only three of us. missing the others badly. had mc yan coming to my house and it felt really good. hoping and hoping that one day we will get to be together as a 'family' which is getting bigger with more juniors to come insyaAllah ;) *blessed and happy* i always feel proud and will get teary eyed when thinking of the special friendship and sisterhood that we share with each other, how our husbands connect with each other and one day how our children will see us being as close as sisters having aunties mommies ibus mamas maklong mak ngah all over the place haha. they'll get confused like most people do haha.

anyway, apart from that, i have completed my masters alhamdulillah. all the tears, loneliness, sweats and burning the midnight oil doing assignments working harder that those living near to UKM or having smarter brains huhu. Alhamdulillah i did better than my degree syukur ya Allah. i guess it is because we are more matured and knows our goal at this age. the victory is sweeter although the journey was one of the most challenging moments i had to go through and endure. hopefully i will be a part of UKM's convocation october this year. and Allah knows how i would be feeling once i step on the stage, getting the scroll wrapped in my hands. the tears?oh there will surely be a drama hahah.

aqil and ammar are growing up quickly. aqil is now no longer chubby but thin, and ammar is the exact form of ibu. chubby and cute ahahah. during post raya holiday, wan and I did a blood check up. i did the full blood test which covers most of the systems in our body including cancers and etc. the results were not pretty for him especially his cholestrol level and liver condition. i had problems with my bad cholestrol, and weight issues. went to the doctor for advice based on the full blood test report, and it seems that i am having two out of the five reasons why people get heart disease! and they are the cholestrol level and my BMI! of course, the doctor reminded me over and over again that i should revise my diet which is my eating the way i eat what i eat and EXERCISE! gosh, that seems totally impossible nowadays with the kids and other things (reasons and more reasons!) huhu. but i know i should do something. and i have also been experiencing this semput and total shortness of breathing. went for a check up too. after some scanning by my beloved DR. Hafizah of Klinik Perdana cawangan Islah (i love her so much!), i was actually having gases in my hempedu or bahasa kampungnya 'medu' huhu. so now am taking medications and hopefully Allah will help and make me to feel better. everytime rase semput, i really think of dying. and that will hopefully make me change into a better person day by day. insyaAllah.

time nowadays is moving at a quicker pace. we are reaching the end of the year (and also the end of this entry too) hehe. insyaAllah, wan and I will be taking off somewhere during the first week of the school holidays. it is more or less like a honeymoon for us as we never had one when we got married. for some people you can make each day of your married life as your honeymoon but hey, being human beings, sometimes we have to do something out of the ordinary to get a kickstart and insyaAllah have better relationships and love each other more and more. with that, we are leaving our beloved boys for about 10 days with their atuk and nenek. the weather is totally cold at that time so knowing aqil and ammar, we are afraid to have them be ill and not enjoying the trip and knowing aqil, we are scared that he won't even get on the plane! being on the bus or watching a train arriving at the train station already scares him out lagi2 kan a huge plane!haha.well anyway, going back to the definition of honeymoon *winkwink* ibu and ayah love both of you sayang. i kind of think of this as something positive. hopefully throughout our journey or trip or being backpackers (or maybe added with a luggage haha) we can like talk and discuss and reflect on what we had and have, what we have shared and share, the things we want to do and should be doing together and etc etc. (*i love you sayang no matter what*) and us reaching our 6th anniversarry, i think this trip is much needed. hopefully Allah will help us during our journey, save us from harm, and make our love grows stronger and us having his blessings all the way insyaAllah. and when we are back insyaAllah we'll have another trip with the kids and the whole family. so ibu and ayah will not be the only ones having fun aqil and ammar sayang! insyaAllah.

so may Allah be our guidance, protecting us from all the negativities and bad things, helping to shed light and make us to be thinking or doing things that will make us to be better from time to time. there will always be hikmah and kemanisan that we will taste when doing something sincerely and berniatkan kerana Allah insyaAllah.

have a blessed and an awesome weekend everyone!;))