Sunday, November 10, 2013

autumn in my heart ;))

travelling #throwbackplymouthandlondon in 2010. it has been three years and i could still remember how cold it was since it was autumn. the really cold breeze with its sentimental scent (remind me so much of the days back when we were staying in Newcastle) really brought tears to my eyes the moment we stepped out of the airport. aishh. we traveled with a luggage for each of us and a huge hand luggage and a was really inappropriate actually but the fact that we wanted to borong all the chocolates that we used to eat when we were kids living in the UK back then and nk beli all the really cheap books as it was christmas time!so books at that time were at their best bargain huhu. i miss UK so much.isk isk.

anyway,cannot wait to smell the cold breezy breeze again insyaAllah..*winkwink* this time around am gonna have mr. hubster to be with me. hopefully with Allah's will the weather will be nice, the whole journey will have less or no turbulence at all as i am actually scared of flying boohooo!and we'll not get sick because of the cold and etc. gonna start packing up and yah, as usual, we do not have enough warm clothes yet. last minute 'pghepers' as usual keke. thank you Allah and may we be leaving the year and in fact be starting the new year according to our islamic calendar by being a better muslim doing what Allah loves (most importantly), a better wife, daughter and mother and sister, friend and a companion to anyone who comes into our lives. peace.;))

p;s: travelling helps us in so many positive ways, so let's go travel y'all!;))


arfz said...

have fun darl!

aqilnammar'smum said...

insyaAllah sayang i will!cume takut mr. ridzuan tak tahan sejuk and demam!there goes all the travelling plans then!haha.praying that all will go well insyaAllah

aifaa said...

have a great vacation/honeymoon dear. u truly deserve all this!

a million hugss!

aqilnammar'smum said...

thanks darling aifaa sayang..insyaAllah will you!